Skin care goals for a new year

I found an article that came out of the Mayo Clinic that covers 5 basic steps to healthy skin. The main five topics are listed below. If you want to read their article click the link here: Mayo Clinic
​I have highlighted the main points below and provided my own commentary as well.

1. Protect yourself from the sun.
2. Don’t smoke.
3. Treat your skin gently.
4. Eat a healthy diet.
5. Manage stress.

Sun protection: If you spend a lot of time at functions outdoors or suffer from sunburns after being in the sun, make applying sunscreen part of your routine. If you do nothing else for your skin, do this. Do you wear clothing with SPF protection? Do you wear a hat while you are out in the sun? These are all great ways to protect your skin.

Smoking: Smoking contributes to wrinkles and damages collagen and elastin. After sun damage smoking is the next worst ager for your skin. If you’re looking to set a goal this year for overall health get serious about this one.

Be gentle: Find a high quality gentle cleanser for your face. If you are not cleansing at night before bed find a quality gentle cleanser to remove makeup and the days accumulation of oxidative contaminants on your face. You’re skin needs to be able to breathe while you sleep. However, if its covered in makeup and daily contaminants it is most likely not doing what it needs to while your body is at rest.

Healthy diet: A well rounded healthy diet is not only healthy for your body but healthy for your skin too. Scientific studies show that acne flareups are in part caused by a poor diet. Choose fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

Stress: Stress can be a trigger for breakouts. Managing stress can be as simple as setting a framework or even time limits for high stress activities. Setting time aside for relaxing and enjoyable activities greatly helps reduce stress.

A surefire way to deal with problems is by setting goals. Maybe you have already set goals for a skin issue you have had in the past. Maybe you think it isn’t worth your time. The truth is that ignoring a problem won’t help. If any skin issues are holding you back from being confident or self assured you should consider taking just a few minutes to set some goals for your skin in the new year. What I know is that if you get serious about correcting a problem that you identify and set goals to overcome them you will see results. Be specific with your goals and plan your steps to success. Don’t be afraid of the success that is in front of you. If you don’t quit you won’t fail!


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