A Lifetime Guarantee with hair removal

In 2004 after a trip to my friends clinic in California I began offering a Lifetime Guarantee on laser hair removal packages. From the beginning I have tried to simplify our process for our customers. One issue we tried to overcome early on was simplifying pricing before beginning treatment. Not wanting to get pulled into anything open ended with continual monthly payments myself, I understood some of our customers objections concerning how many visits they would need for effective results. Laser hair removal is heavy on science but nature plays a part as well. Many variables can affect results such as: skin color, hair color, specific body area treated, type of machine, experience of the technician and hormonal changes with age. I wanted to take the guesswork and variables out of the equation. These variables led me to confidently offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

Lifetime Laser offers a Lifetime Guarantee with our laser hair removal packages. You pay once for a treatment package and I treat you until the hair is gone. No additional payments, no fine print, not a 1 year or 2 year guarantee…a Lifetime Guarantee. We also offer this guarantee on all body areas. This guarantee is no small thing. To my knowledge there are still only a handful of centers offering a true guarantee in the US. For years we have told our clients “the machine and the technician matter”. Doing laser treatments since 2002 I have completed over 10,000 laser hair removal treatments. It is always my goal to ensure all my clients are comfortable, confident and educated in any purchase.


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